Who We Are



Graduate School of Yogyakarta State University (GS YSU) is a publicly funded institution within Yogyakarta State University. GS YSU dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning for teachers and education administrators. This school offers both master’s and doctoral programs in 5 study areas consist of 2 for doctoral programs dan 5 for master programs. 

GS YSU nurture teachers and education administrators to experience up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills, to run into a good character and globally aware educators, to become agents of change in the community they serve, and to contribute to the national as well as international problem solving through research and innovation. 



The Graduate School is governed by a Director accompanied by Deputy Director for Academic Affairs who responsible for academic and student affairs and Deputy Director for Finance Affairs who responsible for finance and planning affairs.

In conducting academic duties at the study program level, the Director will be assisted by the Head of Study Program. To undertake other tasks as part of postgraduate management, the Director will be supported by the divisions of quality assurance, cooperation and public relations, journal and publications, and general administration.




In the year 2025, The Graduate School, Yogyakarta State University becomes superior in education and research in South East Asia according to the values of devotion to God, independence, and intellectuality.


  1. Conducting master and doctoral programs in education and non-education to support education fields
  2. Conducting educational research activities to discover, develop, and disseminate science, technology, arts, and sports which empowers individuals and communities, supports regional and national development, and contributes to regional problem solution
  3. Conducting public service and empowerment activities which encourage the potential development of the people, community, and nature
  4. Implementing the management of graduate and post-graduate programs which are credible, transparent, accountable, responsible, and fair in the realization of higher education autonomy



GS YSU implements a semester credit system (SKS) where one (1) credit hour is equivalent to 50  minutes and  consists of 1 credit hour attending face-to-face lecture, 1 credit hour completing structured task, and 1 credit hour doing standalone task.  Teaching and learning applies various methods such as face-to-face lectures, tutorials, seminars, practicums, workshops, field trips, researches for thesis and dissertation, and publication writing.

The duration of master degree is designed for period or 4 semesters with a study load of 40-50 credits including lectures, field visit, thesis writing, final exam, and publication writing. Master students are expected to complete their studies at the latest within 8 semesters. The doctoral degree is designed for 6 semesters with astudy load of 50-60 credits and maximum of 14 semesters.  



Students pursuing higher degrees at GS YSU coming from many regions in Indonesia and other countries. Indonesian students come from all provinces in Indonesia, mostly from Java Island while international students are from countries such as Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, china, Colombia, Ethipia, Fiji, Germany, Guyana, India, Kenya, Lao PDR, Madagaskar, Mali, Mexico, Panua New Ginea, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Thailand, Timor Leste, Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam

Besides coming from various areas in Indonesia and other countries, students of GS YSU also have various professional backgrounds. Most of them work as teachers/faculty members at university or other professions that are related to education and research.



Most graduates of GS YSU work as teachers, faculties, instructors, officials in education departments, headmasters, and librarians. In addition to the field of education, many opportunities in other areas of work that can be accessed by graduates of GS UNY to make themselves.