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Graduate School of Yogyakarta State University


Graduate School of Yogyakarta State University (GS YSU) is a publicly funded institution within Yogyakarta State University. GS YSU dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning for teachers and education administrators. This school offers both master’s and doctoral programs in 5 study areas consist of 2 for doctoral programs dan 5 for master programs.

GS YSU nurture teachers and education administrators to experience up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills, to run into a good character and globally aware educators, to become agents of change in the community they serve, and to contribute to the national as well as international problem solving through research and innovation.



GS YSU located in Yogyakarta, a strategic city full of landscape beauty and cultural richness. The main campus located in Karangmalang which is approximately 6.9 KM from Adisucipto international airport and 3.4 KM from main railway station Tugu Yogyakarta.  Not far from YSU campus there are various cultural and attractional sites

such as Prambanan Temple, Kalasan Temple, Boko Temple, Ramayana Ballet show, Yogyakarta Palace, earthenware village Kasongan, batik galleries, painting galleries, culture houses, beautiful beaches, and shopping centers. Studying in Yogyakarta will be a fun activity since students are not only academic learners but enriched with cultural experiences.

Living in Yogyakarta is not as expensive as living in other big cities of Indonesia. Although YSU does not provide dormitories in the main campus, students can find various private boarding rooms surrounding it which can be rented monthly/yearly with the prices starting from IDR 500,000 monthly. The current monthly living cost reaches around IDR 1,750,000, and students easy to obtain their meal starting from IDR 12,000 per serving. Trans Jogja public transportation is available and can be purchased by IDR 3,600 for single-trip; if students subscribe to bus tickets it can be purchased by IDR 2,700/trip. Students also can use grab and go-jek services as other transportation alternatives.



A fountain of knowledge, a smoothly paved path, a bouquet of empathy, a tap of harmony and love, a garden of excellence, a factory of facts and solutions, and a paradise of scholars, is the Graduate School of Yogyakarta State University. The managerial staff treats graduate students like colleagues and seems potentially invests in success of not only students from overseas, but also the natives. Every personnel is approachable and facilitating in terms of advanced research and learning. I have made life-long connections and obtained skills and techniques from which I have a head start to educational research. I am thankful to have the chance to nurture my life and broaden my knowledge as results of qualified and professional lecturers. Above all, I cannot forget Yogyakarta community dish and a smile always kept on the faces of the graduate school diamond family adherents and all Indonesians in general.


Martin Iryayo

Rwanda, Africa.




Eligibilty for prospective students:

    1. Holding a bachelor degree for master’s program  or holding a master degree for doctoral program
    2. Having a CBT TOEFL 243, IBT TOEFL 96, or IETS 6.5 or equivalent
    3. Must be in a good health proved by an official medical sttaement from authorized medical practitioner

Procedure for admission:

  1. Prospective students to register online through the site and down load registration form
  2. Complete and upload regisration form and other following required documents:
    1. Summary of research plan (required for doctoral program)
    2. A certificate of English test
    3. A scanned bachelor certificate and academics transcript (for master’s program) and a scanned master’s  certificate and academics transcript (for doctoral program)
    4. A scanned passport (personal data page only)
    5. A medical statement
    6. A portofolio, and
    7. A passport size photo
  3.  Application will be vetted by our screening committee based on required documents sent by apllicant. Online interview will be conducted if needed.




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