The Educational Research and Evaluation Master study Program (PEP) presented speakers from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Dr. Istiana Hermawati, M.Sos. Istiana was an alumnus of the Education Research and Evaluation doctoral study program in 2006. Previously, from 2011-2019, Istiyana was a Lecturer at PEP UNY, teaching the Basics of Policy Research and Evaluation. Now she serves as an expert researcher principal at the Center for Public Policy Research.

As a field practitioner, Istiana conveyed to the participants that this graduate from the Educational Research & Evaluation Study Program (PEP) has a broad knowledge. So graduates from PEP are not always able to only research & evaluate in the realm of education. Still, they can also research & evaluate outside the realm of education, such as public policy. In addition, istiana said that the PEP curriculum equips students to develop their professions as researchers, lecturers, consultants, researchers, evaluators, research project leaders,

According to istiana, the PEP UNY study program has a plus point in producing Masters and Doctors in research and educational evaluations that are professional and of a good conscience; experts in applying various methods of research, assessment, and evaluation of education; experts in developing research methods, assessments, and educational evaluations; experts in analyzing and developing test and non-test instruments; able to develop knowledge, technology, and or art in the field of research and evaluation of education and finally able to manage research and development that is beneficial to society and science, as well as gain national and international recognition. (andi/ant)