The implementation of Campus Orientation activities for New Students Intake Even 2022/2023, Friday (10/2) was attended by Graduate Staff namely the Director, Vice Director 1 (Academic and Student Affairs Section), Vice Director 2 (Finance and Facilities and Infrastructure Section), Study Program Coordinator, Subdivision, and KMSP Student Organization as the Committee in the 2022/2023 Even Intake New Student Campus Orientation activities. This activity carried out online using Zoom platform and guided by the host and committee. There were 99 students recorded at the UNY Graduate School for the Academic 2022/2023, consisting of 14 PEP Master students, 34 PTK Master students, 21 PEP Doctoral students, 10 PTK Doctoral students, and 20 IP Doctoral students. 

The Orientation theme was " Orientasi Kampus Berkualitas, Ciptakan Mahasiswa Cerdas ". This activity aims to provide insight to new students regarding all units and activities at the UNY Graduate School to help new students adapt more quickly and get to know the environment. The activity began with the screening of the Graduate School profile video, an activity report by the Head of KMSP, Roni Eka Rahmat, then remarks. On this occasion, the Director of UNY Graduate School Prof. Dr. Anik Ghufron, M. Pd welcomed new students from the Masters and Doctoral Programs at UNY. "The UNY Graduate School has a vision that in 2025 it will become a superior graduate education program in education and research in Southeast Asia according to the values of devotion to God, independence, and intellectuality. The UNY Graduate School is a superior graduate school, a lot of masters graduates with an average GPA of 3.9," said Prof. Anik Ghufron.

The activity continued with the introduction of the Graduate School starting from the Director, Head of Study Programs, Head of Subdivision, and Supporting Units. Then, the Vice Director II Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A conveyed about Finance, Facilities and Infrastructure. He also motivates students that they are extraordinary people because they can continue their studies at Graduate School. Currently, Graduate School at UNY is one of the best universities in Indonesia. On this occasion she also expressed her hope that the students would be graduate on time. Furthermore, the orientation activities continued with breakout rooms according to study programs, specifically S3 IP, S3 PTK, S3 PEP, S2 PTK, and S2 PEP. The break out room is accompanied by each head of study program which aims to make new students more familiar with the study program that has been selected. On this occasion each head of study program presented the study program's vision and mission, curriculum, and graduate profiles.

The last material was about the Introduction of the UNY Graduate School Student Organization, KMSP which was conveyed by the Deputy Chairperson of the UNY KMSP Lovientan Arriza "The Graduate School Student Family of Yogyakarta State University, abbreviated as KMSP UNY, is the highest executive institution in UNY Graduate Program through its vision of realizing scholars with integrity, innovative, and problem solving based on devotion to God, independence, and intelligence, exists as a forum for self-development towards a broader perspective within the scope of the organization, developing student organizational management skills, empowering the potential for creative and innovative ideas, and developing the potential of students as academic beings." Arriza said. (nurfitra/ant)