GS YSU library has 11.670 book, 2350 journals, and 3060 theses and dissertations. It also subscribes to some magazines and newspapers. The library is networking with YSU central library which has 33,124 books, Gajah Mada University library, and Islamic State University library in order to help students in each university to access books needed.



In improving its service quality, GS YSU Library has developed a website to connect with the global community. Browsing the website, http://library.pps.uny.ac.id/opac/index.php, users can search books collection anytime and anywhere without the need to be present physically at the library.

Users can also access e-journals subscribed by YSU, such as ProQuest (http://www.proquest.com/pqdweb). EBSCO (http://search.ebscohost.com) and Gale (http://infotrac.galegroup.com) are some other e-journals that are available for students of GS YSU.

As its next step, GS YSU library is now developing a digital database of full dissertations, theses, and e-books which can be accessed through the library LAN connection.



To support its academic activities, GS YSU is completed with a computer laboratory connected to internet. Students are given free & unlimited access. Besides this laboratory, some study programs also provide laboratories which are integrated in the faculties, such as those in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.


Multimedia Classroom

All classrooms in Graduate School YSU are equipped with learning media, Air Conditioner (AC), and LCD Projector to build a comfortable & sophisticated learning environment. 


Other Supporting Facilities

As YSU students, GS YSU students can benefit from other supporting facilities owned by YSU such as Computer Center, policlinic, sport facilities and internet hotspot facility.

Centre for Information on Vocational Education and Development (CIVED)

Modern organizations commonly have a wealth of information on their operation which enables an effective decision-making. To facilitate this, GS YSU has CIVED. It is one of the centers specializing on the development of vocational education program in Indonesia. This center provides information on research, policy analysis and development, assessment system, and teacher certification.

Educational Evaluation Service (EES)

GS YSU also has an Educational Evaluation Service (EES), which is providing services in educational evaluation and taking part in developing human resources in educational evaluation. All of these are embodied in the form of evaluation or test instrument development, data collection, and data analysis.

Language Services

Providing English language consultation is one of some goals of the establishment of this unit in GS YSU. Its main function is helping students cope with the problems that they experience concerning with the abstract of their theses or dissertations. Besides, this unit is also responsible for managing Journal Clubs and English Speaking Clubs for lecturers, students, and staff of GS YSU.

Community Services

GS YSU does not only care about its academic activities, but also care about its environment. To serve the academic societies, especially teachers, school supervisors, and school principals, GS YSU often holds programs such as workshops and trainings, all of which aim to improve the competence of the participants. Besides, non-academic services are also occasionally provided by GS YSU, such as blood donating, free health services for people in certain areas, a seminar for the elderly, trees planting in Mt. Merapi areas, and a workshop of trauma healing for victims of natural disasters.

Graduate Students Association

Established in 2014, Graduate Students Association provides services for students to accelerate their academic and non-academic achievements. It attempts to build stronger internal and external networking among students, the Graduate School as an institution, and stakeholders. All of its activities engage the students’ potential, creativity, and innovation that can bring a significant contribution to the society.