KNB Scholarship Information


KNB Scholarship Information

Beasiswa Kemitraan Negara Berkembang known as KNB Scholarship, is a prestigious scholarship program provided by the government of Republic of Indonesia to prospective international students coming from developing countries. Managed by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, the scholarship offers potential students to pursue their Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degree at one of 23 prominent universities in Indonesia while experiencing life in the world's most diverse and vibrant society.

KNB Scholarship at UNY Yogyakarta is provided for Master's and Doctoral Degree Program for 3 years period (2 semesters Bahasa Indonesia + 4 semesters Master Degree) and 4 years period (2 semesters Bahasa Indonesia + 6 semesters Doctoral Degree) respectively.


Master's Degree Program

Educational Research and Evaluation MASTER
Technology and Vocational Education MASTER
Educational Management MASTER
Non-formal Education MASTER
Social Studies Education MASTER
Applied Linguistics MASTER
Instructional Technology MASTER
Science Education MASTER
Mathematics Education MASTER
Sports Science MASTER
Primary Education MASTER
Guidance and Counseling MASTER
Indonesian Language and Literature Education MASTER
English Language Education MASTER
Javanese Language Education MASTER
Economics Education MASTER
Geography Education MASTER
History Education MASTER
Civic Education MASTER
Biology Education MASTER
Chemistry Education MASTER
Physics Education MASTER
Early Childhood Education MASTER
Special Education MASTER
Arts Education MASTER
Electronics and Informatics Education MASTER
Electrical Engineering Education MASTER
Mechanical Engineering Education MASTER
Family Welfare Education MASTER
Psychology MASTER

Period of Study

  • 1 year of Indonesian Language Program
  • 2 years of Master Program

Scholarship Coverage

  • Living allowance
  • Research and book allowance
  • Publication allowance
  • Round-trip international allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Immigration fee
  • Tuition fee (directly paid to the university)

General Requirements

  • The maximum age to apply for the scholarship is 35 years old for a master’s degree and 40 years old for doctoral degree
  • Hold a bachelor's degree for master’s degree applicants and hold a master's degree for doctoral degree applicant.
  • Applicant must have a minimum TOEFL IBT Score of 80 or IELTS score of 6.0
  • Applicant must complete the online application form at
  • Prior to the departure to Indonesia, the successful candidates must sign the Statement Letter and Scholarship Agreement prepared by the KNB Scholarship management

Required Documents

  • Recommendation letter from Indonesian Embassy  or Consulate General in the respective country (issued in the same year as the application)
  • Academic recommendation from 2 previous supervisors or employers
  • Scanned bachelor certificate for master’s degree applicant or  master certificate for doctoral degree applicant and academic transcript (all in English)
  • Scanned valid passport (personal data page only)
  • Scanned TOEFL IBT of IELTS  score certificate obtained within 2 years

How to Apply

  • Download the invitation letter at
  • Submit the invitation letter, passport, academic certificate, and academic transcript to Indonesian Embassy or Consulate-General to acquire the recommendation letter
  • Complete the online process at the above website