The roundtable discussion, which was held in the theatre room of the Sugeng Mardiyono Building, is a series of summer camp events held since October 3, 2022, followed by a roundtable discussion at the Postgraduate Building of UNY in Yogyakarta (12/10). This activity invited speakers such as Prof. Dr. Juliane Stude and Kordula Stude as representatives from Münster University, Germany. Dr. Murti Bunanta is the author of literary literacy books, Nuraini Fatmawati as the illustrator for children's literacy books, and Dr. Widyastuti Purbani as a representative from Yogyakarta State University.

Opened by Prof. Juliane Stude and Kordula Schulze, with the theme of introducing the mission of the summer camp program and the urgency of teaching diversity, both told that since 2019 cultural aspects have become increasingly diverse. So Germany is looking for the right way to open up understanding about diversity worldwide through the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch-Dienst-DAAD). As a sponsor of summer camp activities, DAAD hopes for academic and cultural exchanges between German higher education institutions and Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Material preparation was carried out in Segajih village. The focus of the activities was on building an understanding of the importance and urgency of diversity; Participants were involved in constructive discussions and activities guided by lecturers from Yogyakarta State University and Münster University, collaborative work in teams to gain deeper insight into the topic of diversity, challenges and possible ways to introduce it to schools. Then apply the results designed during the intensive camp in several schools such as the SMP Tumbuh, SMA Kolese De Britto, SD Muhammadiyah Sapen, SMA Negeri 3 Yogyakarta, and Marginal School. Kordula also brought examples of books used in Germany as references for literature books. 

Furthermore, the event continued promoting diversity through literature in Indonesia by Dr. Murti Munanta by displaying several children's books and newspapers promoting Indonesian traditions and culture. After that, the event was continued by several criteria that were good in drawing illustrations so that the resulting images were not biased, and how the pictures of the examples could make children like the book by Nuraini Fatmawati and closed with the delivery of material by Dr. Widyastuti Purbani on CCLLE (Center for Children's Literature and Literacy Education) Yogyakarta State University.