Forgiving others is not an easy task, let alone to let go of grudges. However, if we have taqwa, it will be easier to forgive others at that time and without holding grudges, stated Mr. Asmuni Muhammad Thahir in his tausyiah at the Syawalan for the Big Family of PPs YSU. This event was themed Spirit of Syawalan as a Resource to Increase Synergy and Performance, and was held offline and online.

Asmuni urged to imitate the piety and patience of the Prophet Muhammad because he believes that Allah will elevate the degree of someone who can be patient. He added about the wisdom of fasting which teaches humans to feel the suffering of others. In the matter of tolerance, it is also attempted not to discriminate against others. In the context of synergy and performance, humans are able to do five key things to the success of teamwork, which are giving each other trust, having good communication skills, being able to respect each other, having good collaboration skills and understanding the vision and mission of the institution where they work.

At the end of his tausyiah, Asmuni concluded that there are 2 things need to be remembered and forgotten. Remember your own mistakes and the kindness of others. Forget the faults of others and the goodness of yourself. The attitude of being merciful or forgiving each other sincerely which is symbolized by a handshake is the attitude of the muḥsinîn (people who are nearing perfection). People like this become part of fellow believer and see other nonbelievers in a wise way reflecting Islam rahmatan lil 'Alamin. (ant)